Dendav Devons


Welcome to Dendav Devon's.

I'm a small show/hobby breeder from Glasgow, who fell in love with the adorable Devon Rex years ago but only got my first girl in 2006.

My prefix DENDAV is registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, and my occasional litters of kittens are always GCCF registered.

I'm a member of the Scottish Rex Cat Club, which have yearly Shows, featuring all breeds of Rex cats.

Currently I have 3 girls, Crystal, Chelsea and Biba, and my stud boy Gunn.  (Occasionally available at stud.) For more info and pictures of my cats go to the gallery. 

Latest addition Dendav Biba Catwalk (BIBA) has joined  the Dendav ranks. 

 Gunn is now an IMPERIAL GRAND CHAMPION.  Gunn has won 5 Imperial Certificates , 3 Res Imperial Certificates and 1 Olympian.

Crystal has obtained her Champion in the only 3 Shows. Crystal is on her way to her Grand title having 2 grand tickets.

Chelsea Dagger has also obtained her Champion title.

NEWS: KITTEN Available

Sire Imperial Grand Champion Elfinrex Achilies

Dam Champion Devondream Finesse

Dam Champion Quintelin Chelsea Dagger

Dam Dendav Biba Catwalk

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