Dendav Devons


The Devon Rex  breed dates back to 1959 when a natural mutation occurred among non-pedigree cats in Devon. The first cat recognized as a Devon Rex was the only curly-coated kitten in a litter thought to be fathered by a large black stray with ringlets.

Devon Rex cats are very entertaining and funny! They are both active and interactive, seeking you out to play and for a cuddle. Even when these naughty little wavy-coated, long-necked, large-eyed cats are pouncing on shoulders from great heights, climbing curtains, ambushing showers and hogging the bed, Devon Rex enthusiasts will tell you it's all part of their charm.

Devon Rex cats are the perfect companions for anyone looking for a lively and attention seeking pet. Some people with allergies find they can live with a Devon Rex but it's important to spend time with the breed just to make sure.